Gift Something Interestingly Naughty To Encourage Husbands

Husband would be the most important person in the life of his wife. He would be the pillar of the family in all respects. Though both the members in the couple might be earning, the task of financial planning for the entire family is performed by the husband. He would do everything he can to keep the entire family happy and would try to fulfill expectations of all the family members.

That is why the husband deserves some special gift on important occasions such as his birthday, anniversary and also on Valentine’s Day. The gift presented by the beloved wife would be absolutely special for every husband. To further intensify the joy the wives can choose some naughty gifts for a husband to tease them. The intention behind the naughty gift would be to encourage the hubby to retain the romance between them.

· Vanilla flavored edible body painting:

Husbands can be really romantic and would look for some different ways to initiate the session of romance along with their loving wife. The wife can encourage them gifting something unique and still a naughty gift so that they can create new kind of thrill while coming together. Edible liquid with fantastic flavor of vanilla in a bottle and a painting brush to apply the liquid on the body could be one of the best naughty gifts for husbands.

Husbands can practically use the liquid for artistically painting something on the body of the wife, taking her to the secrecy and privacy of their bedroom. The wife would also enjoy the process of body painting due to the mesmerizing touch of the drawing brush on various parts of her body.

The husband can make effective use of the natural canvas to paint whatever creative comes to his mind while having the painting brush in his hand. The painting can be then licked off by the hubby as the liquid would be edible and would have the fantastic flavor of vanilla. Thus the romance between the couple can be taken to peak using the gift creatively.

·  Funny underwear with the message:

Husbands would surely crack into a huge laughter when they would unpack the box carrying funny looking underwear. Wives can find a variety of trunks and briefs made to various sizes with really comic messages printed on them. One common personalized message printed on the underwear would carry the wife’s name, stating ‘RITA’S PROPERTY’. This unique gesture will make the husbands feel very special as the most important part of his body would be ‘claimed’ by his wife in the funniest way.

Another idea would be funny smileys printed on the trunks or boxers. These smileys would express the inner emotions in a very funny way and their presence and appearance would make the entire trunk a treasure of comic expressions. Importantly the fun due to the expressions of the smileys would be a great addition to the temptation for getting naughty. Thus this unique boxer trunk with weird smileys on it would be an encouragement for the romance.

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