Best Games Of 2018 To Be Played On iPad and iPhones

Ipads and iPhones are devices manufactured by Apple Inc. Both the devices have the iOS operating system.iPads are in a formed tablet and iPhones are mobile devices. Apple Store is a place, from where iOS user downloads and install their apps and games. There are a lot of apps and games available in the Apple Store. In this article we are going to discuss the Best iOS Games of 2018:

1. HQ:
It is a live trivia game where the player has a chance to win a cash prize. The only condition is that you have to answer all the answers correctly. The game shows begin daily at 9:00 pm ET. It also has an additional show on the weekday at 3:00 pm ET.

2. Pokémon Quest:
The game features characters of Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue. In this game, you get a chance to take your cube-shaped Pokémons to an adventure. In the Island named Tumbleube, you find yourself searching for treasures. Here you can also battle with other wild Pokémons.

3. PlayerUnknown’s Battleground (PUBG):
PUBG is the most popular multiplayer battle royale game. The game involves a total of 100 players landing on a remote island, where everyone has to fend for themselves. It’s upon you how you find your own weapon, supplies, and vehicles. In this game, one has to earn the title of last man standing by killing or defeating other players.

4. Old Man’s Journey:
It is a game based on an event. The game sets out to narrate a story of an Old Man and the choices we make. In the game, you have to follow an Old Man, while he travels across the different country. The game is composed of hand drawn animations and gorgeous locations. The game is a paid application which can be bought for a sum of $5.

5. Frost:
It is a type of puzzle game. The game has vibrant colours and a powerful background. Each level is provided with an orb of specific colours along with many other colours. Depending on the colour of the orb you have to guide the swarm of same colour towards the orb. Frost is also a paid game which can be purchased for $5.

6. Minecraft:
It is a game where one can get their creative juices flowing. In the game, the gamer has to build and dig things. With the help of their creativity, the gamer is able to build their own 3D world. It is a paid game with a subscription of $7.

7. Clash Of Clans:
CoC is a kind of strategic game. In this game, a player has to plan their defense, raise their army and attack on other enemies in other to loot their treasures. The game is a combination of slow planning and rapid and chaotic battles.

8. NBA 2K19:
NBA 2k19 is a game build by the National Basketball Association. As the name of the developer suggests, the game is a basketball game. In this game, you find all your favorite NBA teams. You can also customize the match between the teams and also choose the opponent of their own. 

9. The Game Of Life:
The game of life is game based on the life of a normal human being. In this game, you have different stages based on the stages of life. You attend college, have a family, start your own career and much more. The game also has a multiplayer mode where you can play with your friends and other as well.

10. Hole.IO:
In this particular game, the player has to control a black hole. You have to eat up all the things available in your path. As you go on eating the radius of the hole increases. As increment goes on you are able to eat larger objects and structures. You have to also watch your opponent’s size as they can also swallow you.

11. Sudoku:
This is a puzzle game. We see grids in this game and player have to fill numbers in these grids from 1 to 9. In one grid we find nine blocks and the player who use to play online sudoku need to fill numbers from 1 to 9 in all blocks. The numbers cannot be repeated more than once neither horizontally nor vertically.
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