Trendy logo designs for suitable for your company

Having a simple yet interesting company logo is very important to make identity and attract customers toward a brand. Good marketers know the value that a logo adds to a particular brand along with helping them in making successful marketing strategies. The logo trends have changed a lot in the last few years for maximum marketing approach. To give the logo designers some insight about the latest logo designs here are some eye-catching logotypes that are loved by the business people as well as the customers.

• Simplicity
Simplicity is ever out of trend. Simple logo designs are eye-catching as well as have an elegance in them. This approach is about making a cleanest and minimalistic version of a logo. Many well-established companies use simple designs to grab the attention of the customers. 

• Using geometrical signs 
Many famous companies like Audi and Mitsubishi use the geometrical sign for their logos. These signs are easy to remember and depicts the strength of modern technology. Such logos are timeless and not easily changed. 

• Letter stacking
Logo designer apply this approach when they have the challenge to convey a message through the Logo. This method use letters stacked on top of each other making a phrase easy to read. It also uses different color contrasts to make it more attractive. 

• Using empty spaces for something useful
The creative designer knows how to use up space in between characters or image. They can work magic with the empty spaces between the letters or pictures. These logos have different messages or images hidden within the image. 

• Gradient logos
The gradient logos that once lost are back again. Designers and logo makers are using gradient designs beautifully to make attention-grabbing logos. This design use gradient color transitions in icons and text or both especially in large fonts.

• Overlapping shapes and images
Like the gradient logos designs, these Logos are traditional logo designs that are coming back in trend. These designs use different colors in the logo. Therefore, they are easy to remember and stay in the minds of the people for a long time. 

• Hipster logo designs
This kind of logo design use marks and are rich in details. The hipster logo maker uses these marks to represent entities with a vibe or a cultural reference to the past with a twist defining the next generation in the present.

• Coat of arms
As the name suggests, these logos use the centre part of the logo where you can enter the central idea of the company. Like the hipster logo maker, these makers too showcase the heritage, tradition, and longevity of a culture. 

• Fatty fade
Designers nowadays are smart enough to understand that the present and future are connected. These logotypes use gradients and geometrical shapes with strips and diverse elements to grab the attention of the new generation.   

• Typography for logos
Though typography is not a new trend, it has advanced to many levels that you can consider for your logo. There are three basic levels of typography that grabs the attention of the customer. These include:
      Split typography: there are spaces in between the letters while it is readable
      Chaotic typography: this style is anything other than words being in a straight line
      Hand-effect typography: Like calligraphy, fonts used in this style are used to create uniqueness in the font.

• Papercut and clay animation
Today the trend is of internet marketing. The animated logos are meant to promote your brand through an online platform. This design can be used to tell your company’s unique story or how it came into being. It uses different tools to animate and create depth in the paper cuts. This style is extensively used in gaming animation or Hollywood productions.

• Gold logos
Often people demand to have logos in gold because it helps in conveying sophistication and complexity. It is a better agent delivering a message of prestige and elegance. 

• Lettering 
These logos are often used by coffee shops, artist, photographers, and designers. Although sophisticated, it has been in trend for quite a long time and can grab the attention of the audience.
There are many other logo designs used by logo makers who have the capability that attracts people towards the brand. But the logotypes mentioned above has the strength to draws attention towards your company in the online world. Logos being the face of a company represents your vision. People need to see what you stand for and that’s why having a logo that tells your story is essential.
It takes a great deal of creativity and an artistic eye to create a logo that you envision and designers give their best of work to create a masterpiece for your company. All in all, following these trends for your logo design, can make uplift the services of your company as well as the demand of the designer.

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