A Glance At The Various Positions for Giving Birth

There are different positions while giving birth. It could be used for pushing and giving birth. Most of these positions can be tried before you head over to the second stage of labor.  Do consider positions for giving birth naturally and try them at home before you head for labor.

Birthing tool
In a familiar position, you can pull. It replicates a scenario during a bowel movement. The stool is at a low height which flexes your legs and the size of the pelvis expands. With an upright position, you can use gravity so that the downward movement of the baby is enhanced.

Between the periods of contractions, you can lean back to any form of support provided by your partner.

Seating in a semi-seated manner with a lot of support
You cannot rate this position to be as effective when the pelvis opens. At the same time, it does prove to be the most natural birthing position for a baby. It does not have to be a comfortable position for a mother, but for the doctor, it would be the most convenient position.

In this position, you raise the head of the mother to 30 degrees or it can be even more. Under the right hip, you place a pillow which helps her turn slightly to the left. With these adjustments, it prevents the weight of the uterus or the baby from interfering with the flow of blood. The flow of blood does appear behind the vessels.

Curled side position
This is a position that goes on to enhance relaxation or rest once you are pushing between contractions. To prevent tears it is considered to be one of the best birthing positions.

Sitting upright
To a birthing tool this position is termed to be a mere variation. The head of the mother is curled in a forward manner towards the baby. The elbows are out once she pushes. You lower down the foot with the head being held high. This does provide you with a space to rest your feet.

Pretty much like the stool, this position helps you to use gravity in an effective manner. In between the contractions you can lean backward, that is supported by the bed. If you feel so your partner can sit behind in the bed with the use of this position.

When you push for birth on your knees this could be used by any woman. This works out to be a lot effective in case if you have had back pain during labor. The reason being that it encourages the movement of the baby. In between the contractions, you lower the hips and the buttocks are lowered once as you push. In between the contractions you can drape over your head so as to relax.

This position can be tried on the hands or the knees, but in due course, the wrists become tired of supporting the body. You are going to find it easy to rest your forearms.
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