Fantasy cricket tips – A Complete Guide on Cricket Betting

Fantasy cricket is the best way to follow and monetize one’s passion. The strategy game involves practical team selections based on the user’s cricketing awareness, ingenuity and foresight. If everything goes well, he/she ends up with a hefty cash prize worth lakhs. Unsurprisingly, over 20 million, and counting, cricket-obsessed Indians are visiting fantasy cricket websites to play fantasy cricket and win cash daily. If you have managed to stay aloof from the fantasy league mania, it’s time to give in. However, if the information deficit is a problem, we are here to help. Read on and stay prepared to take the fantasy cricket circuit by the storm.    

What exactly is fantasy cricket? 

Fantasy cricket is a unique arrangement where you select 11 players who will earn points for you in a particular contest. Take for instance a test match between India and Australia. You have a pool of 22 players, 11 from each team, to choose your batsmen, bowlers, all-rounders and wicketkeeper. If your team performs exceedingly well on a given day, you can rest assured of a big payday. Apparently, fantasy cricket is a team management game offering the thrill of being in control of team selection and decent remunerations as well. 

How to play it? 

Getting started with fantasy cricket is easy provided you follow the following steps dutifully. 
Get Registered: The key component of fantasy cricket is the online platform, often referred to as the host, providing you with playing opportunities. You need to find one and get registered, which is usually a free, fast and simple process. The host will likely demand you to furnish basic info, such as age, name, email address and more. 

Choose the game: Now select the match you prefer to field your team in. The next step would be to decide the format to bet in – tests, ODIs and T20s. You have the option of choosing two separate teams for each match or persist with one team all through. 

Select the team: Probably the most crucial part of your fantasy cricket journey is when you consider all available options and pick up a playing 11. However, you have limited credits at your disposal, which calls for wise, situation-based team selections. The option of substations is also available in case you need to replace a player before the match.

Choose the playing option: The host offers you a choice between a practice match and a cash contest. The latter involves a modest entry fee while the former is free. 

Withdrawals: Once the actual game is over, your fantasy cricket website will publish the points tally almost instantly. If you figure at the top three, get in touch with the website for payouts. You may be required to present your ID proof for withdrawals. 

Tips for the best Harvest: 

Now that you know how to get going with fantasy cricket, it’s time to learn some fantasy cricket tips that can keep you in the groove. Read on and stay gainful. 

  • Prefer a host that ensures fair play, decent returns, easy payouts, and dedicated customer support. Remember, there are several fly-by-night operators out there. 
  • Research the form, fitness and other aspects of each player prior to selections. 
  • Factor in the pitch and weather, as each is crucial for wise selection decisions. 
  • Choose the best players as your team’s captain and vice-captain. 
  • Read online reviews and player stats that add nuance to your decisions. 

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